This is me – a short biography

I am Mirjam Remmelink and graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music as a guitarist and a first-grade teacher. I specialize in acoustic guitar, and I am in my element when playing one of my own solo arrangements. The guitar is a fantastic instrument!

After my studies at the Conservatory, I taught at various music schools and also performed in diverse contexts.

I have acquired a master’s degree in educational sciences and am knowledgeable in the psychological and cognitive processes that are related to learning. I am also educated in various mental health issues according to the DSM criteria.

I was raised in a non-religious environment, but developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ during my Conservatory period. This means that, in addition to secular music, I am also familiar with Church music, both older styles as well as contemporary.

I am someone who loves originality and discovery. In addition to playing the guitar at a professional level, I also compose and arrange pieces of music for different venues.

It is my passion to help people experience the joyful, healing and calming effects of music.

Music butterfly


Workshops and coaching for individuals and groups

I am experienced in teaching music theory to students of all ages in both individual and group settings.


I can arrange an existing piece of music for other instruments. A piece of music originally written for voice, drum and keyboard can be beautifully arranged for guitar and flute.

Conservatory Preparation

It would be my pleasure to help you prepare for the entrance exam for your Conservatory education. I can lend support for both the theoretical and practical segments of the exam

Music Therapy

Allow music to improve the quality of your life. Music therapy is a customized and beautiful treatment where music is used to address physical, emotive, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

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